To the finance of the future…

We dreamed of making the ownership of great values be accessible in the economy. We tokenized the values that can be priced and owned by only a certain group into digital assets and gathered them under the umbrella of Defimec as micro investments.

We not only relieved organizations from the financial burdens of intermediaries, but also gave the public a chance to participate in these investments.

We launched DeXimec, our decentralized exchange platform, in order to provide liquidity to high-value assets that cannot be easily exchanged and for them to be traded safely.

We have created IMECCOIN in order to be used as a way of interchange in all of our products and services.

You will see a grounded world of dreams at Defimec Blockchain Technologies.

Alongside arts, sports, technology, and real estate, we have gotten into various branches of finance. We have gathered the projects, each of which will revolutionize their own sectors, under one roof in the Defimec ecosystem.

And we released the "Tokenization Super App".

The journey that started with the dreams of a researcher was shaped by the dreams of a business person and came to life with the participation of magnificent teams.

Enjoy the future!

Take your place in the financial world of the future...

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